Wales: Cliffs and the Seaside

The Welsh seaside is composed of some of Britain’s most stunning cliffs. Hidden beneath fields of grazing sheep, free running horses, dry stone walls, and old castle ruins, as the winds get stronger and the air saltier, the sudden reveal of those vast drops never fails to impress.

Ideally, you’d take the Welsh Coastal Path, which would take you all along the country’s gorgeous limestone cliffs, and past some lovely seatowns. Unless you stay right by the cliffside and follow the noise of the majestic waters dozens of meters below, it is not too difficult to get lost in the sheer endless checkerboard-like fields.

For this series of photographs, I used a Mamiya 645 (which I bought back in Hong Kong) and used a roll of slide film (Fuji Velvia), as well as some classic Kodak Portra. Using my naked eye to estimate exposure and Mamiya’s lovely waist level finder, we went off for some walks. After development, however, I noticed that the Velvia was underexposed by like one or two stops, resulting in some muddy colours, which didn’t do justice to the landscape and its colours. So much for exposure estimation with the naked eye when using slide film! Therefore, I decided to turn those images monochrome during post processing. Therefore, all B&W images in this blog post were originally taken on Velvia slide film. An expensive way to get your monochrome shots, I must admit. In any case, the monochrome tones turned out quite fine, and gave some of the images the character they deserve.
The difference in mood and expression between the bright, colourful images from the Portra, and the dark, moody images from the monochromized Velvia is quite astonishing, in my opinion.

A House by the Cliffside

Panoramic cliff view

Surfer on the Shore

Beachside Walkers

Porthcawl Lighthouse

Surfer on the Shore 2

A lonely house on the cliffside

A spooky house in the distance

Lighthouse Outlook, Porthcawl

Images taken in Glamorgan, Wales, along the Welsh Coastal Path, as well as by the coast town of Porthcawl, using a Mamiya 645 with a 80mm F2.8 lens, on Kodak Portra and Fuji Velvia film. Scanning and development by MeinFilmLab. Monochrome post-processing and minor colour / sharpness adjustments done in Lightroom.

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