Photo of the Week, August 3rd 2014

This week’s featured photo is an outtake from my last blog post with photographs from Nice. Another shot from the famous Promenade des Anglais. It was one of the rare days where it was raining, and while the beaches were mostly empty, the views on the Promenade didn’t change much. It was still as busy as ever.

This shot is one of my favourites from the rolls of film I took there. I was walking down the Promenade with my wife, when we came across some people sitting on the chairs facing the sea. Not very often you see people choosing to sit on a bench in the rain (does that happen in your city?), but these are some of the little details that make the Promenade so unique and famous. I made a quick halt, and snapped a shot.
The symmetry of the umbrellas and their polka dots combined with the rough nature of the image due to the weather, sea and the films grain give the image a certain character that I am very fond of. We will never get to see their faces, but maybe umbrellas tell us more about people than they’d expect.

The Three Umbrellas Leica M6, Nice France 2014
The Three Umbrellas
Leica M6, Nice France 2014
Developed at home, in my own basement.

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