First attempts

Today, I cooked for the first time.
I developed some film in my basement. Two rolls of black and white medium format film from a hiking weekend in the Swiss alps.
A classic ‘beginner’s mistake’ occured for the first roll: Not being sure how much developer I need to fill in my Paterson tank, I did what everyone days nowadays – I asked Google. So I filled the Paterson tank with 300ml of developer. During agitation however I noticed the instructions on the bottom of the tank: Medium format – 500ml, resulting in only two thirds of the first roll getting developed (and fixed, because I decided to just carry on with the same volume).
After I cropped the underdeveloped third of each negative, the results weren’t too bad, although there was still some clouding/fogging.

Dead Chair


Luckily, the second roll turned out much better (on Ilford HP5 Plus):

Le Clou


More Smoke Beyond


I am very satisfied with the results of the second roll. The images were all taken with a Lubitel 166u, using a 6×4.5 frame. The Lubitel’s lens struggles in the top and bottom end regions when shooting 6×6, making things blurry, so this actually improved the performance of the camera.

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