Athuruga Island, Maldives (Leica M6)

Last December, my wife and I visited the island of Athuruga in the South Ari Atoll of the Maldives.

World renowned for their tiny idyllic islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, we got to discover and experience their natural beauty in full extent. After landing in Malé (well almost, as the airport is on a separate island next to the actual capital), we took a water plane handled by a Maledivian/Canadian barefoot pilot and co-pilot, and made our way to the island of Athuruga.

Athuruga, a small resort island in the South Ari Atoll, 45 minutes by water plane west of the capital city/island, is about the size of a mid-sized football pitch and is surrounded by a rich, lively coral reef. Around 150 guests and as many staff reside on the tiny speck of land, which runs on three diesel generators running day and night, has its own water desalination plant, and keeps its connection to the world via satellite. As we indulged in the resort’s lavish facilities, I also took the opportunity to make some rounds along the beach with my Leica.

All images were taken with a Leica M6, using Summicron 35mm and Elmarit-M 90mm lenses. Portra film worked fantastically with the gorgeous greens, blues, and sandy colours, while Velvia turned the sea and its surroundings a strikingly contrasty vivid blue. Both films display their strengths and individuality in such a unique environment, and the differences are just as interesting as the results, which speak for themselves. The sunsets were nothing short of spectacular, and you will also see a totally fake looking double rainbow, which was very very real..
Largely unedited apart from some sharpening and straightening. I will let you do the guessing – which film is which.

Trans Maldivian Airlines Pilot

Male Airport

Male Airport

Male Airport

Male Atoll

Athuruga, Maldives

Dhoni, Athuruga Maldives

Endless blue ocean, Athuruga Island

A Boat in the Distance

Palmtrees on Athuruga Island

Delivery Boat, Athuruga Island, Maldives

Delivery Boat, Athuruga Island, Maldives

Delivery Boat, Athuruga Island

Beach football, Athuruga Maldives

Beach football, Athuruga Maldives

Heron, Athuruga Maldives

Boat, Athuruga Maldives

Reef in Black and White, Athuruga Maldives

A heron in the distance, Athuruga Maldives

a heron in shallow water

Double Rainbow, Athuruga Maldives

Sunset, Athuruga Maldives

Sunset at Athuruga Island

Black and white film was home developed and scanned. Many many thanks to for the super great development, scanning, and prints of the colour rolls.

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